About Us


Mitch and Steph with their children and their spouses.

Did you know that it takes a dozen bees working their entire lives to make just a teaspoon of honey? Also, we have a dozen children, who inspired us to create a family business. We are committed to providing high-quality products while teaching our kids the value of hard work and entrepreneurship. Thank you for joining us on this adventure as we build from the hive up.

Mitch's dad, Paul, started keeping bees as a hobby just before he retired. It didn't take long after retiring for his hobby to turn into a full-fledged business. Mitch found that he really enjoyed beekeeping alongside his dad. In 2020, we decided to get serious about starting our own business. Mitch began selling his dad's honey from our home and at a nearby flea market on the weekends while helping his dad during the week all summer. In 2021 we are adding our own hives and beginning a long-term plan to expand our business. Our daughter Eden has begun making jewelry and soaps that she can sell alongside her dad. Steph has been making lip balms and recently added soothing body butter. Our son Zeke already spends many hours in the bee yards with Mitch and Paul and is considering making beekeeping a full-time career when he graduates high school. Meanwhile, Paul has expanded his business to the point that he overwinters the bees in Texas, which means that he keeps going year-round.

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